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Real to Reel 2016

History at the Movies

With the 2016 Academy Awards just around the corner, we’re taking a trip to the movies to find out how history made its mark on the silver screen this year.

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BackStory and #OscarsSoWhite

A Google Hangout

Submit your questions and join BackStory for a Google Hangout on #OscarsSoWhite and diversity in Hollywood with History Guy Brian Balogh on Feb. 25.

Well-Regulated Militias

A History of Armed Resistance

BackStory is planning a show on armed protests. Was there an armed protest in your town or city? Have you participated in or witnessed an armed protest movement in action? Why do you think protesters take up arms? Let us know!

Hard Times

A History of Unemployment

In this episode of BackStory, we’ll take a look at what it means to be out of work, and uncover the history of unemployment in the great states of America.

Pitch us!

Winter/Spring 2015

Have a topic you’d like to see on air this year? Tell us more.


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Commented on: Well-Regulated Militias

This episode is directed at armed protests. But, as a second part to this episode, I'd be interested in the [...]


Commented on: Well-Regulated Militias

I thinking about the reaction to Beyonce's recent reference to the Black Panthers. I would be interested in you guys [...]