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Contested Landscape

Confederate Symbols in America

On this episode, we’re looking at how memories of the Confederacy have shaped the nation’s landscape, from the rebel flag to the silver screen. How have generations of Americans revered and renounced the Confederacy since its defeat 150 years ago?

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American Prophets

Religions Born in the U.S.

In this episode, the Guys will take a look at religions that originated or transformed in American soil. From Shakerism to Scientology, we’re charting the history behind “American” religions and considering how they’ve shaped the nation.

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Winter/Spring 2015

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Beth - just a quick FYI - but the transition from "parlor" to "living room" gets touched on in the [...]


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I really liked how the episode on the War of 1812 blended perspectives including British and Canadian. In the [...]