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Independence Daze

A History of July Fourth [rebroadcast]

BackStory celebrates Independence Day with a classic episode, tracing how July Fourth went from little more than an also-ran among national holidays to being the holiest day on our secular calendar.

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Where There’s Smoke

A History of Fire

On this episode, BackStory blazes a trail across time in a quest for fire. How have Americans harnessed its power and coped with its dangers?

National Lampoon

Satire in American History

This is no joke: Brian, Ed and Peter are are marking the end of Jon Stewart’s hugely popular run on The Daily Show with stories about satire across the generations.

The Pursuit

A History of Happiness

In July 1776, the signers of Declaration said “the pursuit of Happiness” was an unalienable right. How did Americans define fulfillment in those days — and how has that idea changed ever since?

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Winter/Spring 2015

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Is it true that Jefferson originally wrote "life, liberty, and property," and that Franklin persuaded him to change that last [...]