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Tapped Out

Thirsting for Fresh Water [rebroadcast]

In this episode, BackStory wrings the water out of history. We’ll plunge into early legal battles over natural waterways, look at shared irrigation systems in New Mexico, and consider how racist anxieties flowed through public swimming pools.

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Tools of the Trade

America's Workplace Technologies

Join the Guys on an exploration of the things that have shaped the places where America works. How as the stuff of work changed the way we live and work?

‘Now He Belongs to the Ages’

Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

For the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, we’ll explore how his death came to pass — and how a changed nation moved forward.

Born Again

Religious Renewal in America

This Easter season, we reflect the history of religious fervor in America — from the first Great Awakening in colonial times to the televangelism of the 20th century.

Another Man’s Treasure

A History of Trash

That’s right, trash: refuse, rubbish, litter and landfills — we’ll dive into all that good stuff. What does America’s garbage tell us about its past?

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Winter/Spring 2015

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The History of Gambling This topic would include March Madness and the unbelievable amount of prop bets for the Super Bowl. [...]

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How about digging into the legend (which many claim has some truth to it) of John Henry, the steel driver [...]