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American Apparel

A History of Fashion

In this episode, we explore what our self-presentation can say about our society and culture, and what fashions reflect about moments and movements in American history.

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On the Take

Corruption in America

Forty years ago, Richard Nixon resigned from office in the midst of one of the largest political corruption scandals in American history. On this episode, we’ll do some muckraking and expose some other corruption stories from our past.

Tapped Out

Thirsting For Fresh Water

The Western U.S. is in the grip of a punishing drought. So on this episode, we’re looking at how Americans have managed access to water across the centuries.

Pitch a Show

Spring/Summer 2014

Last year we received nearly 200 pitches for show topics – some of which made it on the air! Episodes about higher education and the US relationship with Mexico were pitched by listeners, and lots of individual stories had their origins in your brains as well. So help us keep up the process!


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Kevin Bracy Knight

Commented on: Tapped Out

I think on this topic, it might be interesting to talk about the history of water rights in the West. [...]

Emily Gadek

Commented on: Pitch a Show

Sean, we did a show on the U.S.-Mexico relationship this January that touched on a lot of traditional [...]