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On the Money [2016]

A History of American Currency

This month, the U.S. Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill. In this episode, we evaluate America’s relationship with money, exploring the transformations of currency over the centuries.

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Watch The Throne

America & Royalty

In this episode of BackStory, the Guys explore America’s fascination with royalty.

All In

A History Of Gambling In America

This May, thousands of Americans will bet on the Kentucky Derby, the most heavily-wagered horse race in the U.S. On this episode of BackStory, the Guys explore the history of Gambling in America.

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SJ Kurtz

Commented on: Watch The Throne

Oh, but I disagree! We West Coasters love our Marie of Romania! Maryhill Museum in Washington State has a [...]


Commented on: Watch The Throne

Hi American History guys: Be precise! It's specifically a fascination with the ENGLISH Royals. My fellow Americans are patently unaware [...]