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Degrees of Freedom

Higher Education in America [rebroadcast]

As college students across the country return to campus, so does BackStory, for an episode exploring the history of higher education.

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Islam & the United States

The long history of Islam in America, from the narratives of Muslim slaves to the Nation of Islam and the Black Power movement of the 1960s. What has it meant to be Muslim in America — and how has the idea of Islam in the U.S. changed over time?

What Gives

Generosity in America

Public radio listeners, beware: pledge drive season is upon us. So in this episode, we ask, “What gives?” The stories we’re working on explore giving in American history and consider the meaning of charity, philanthropy and reciprocity.

Little Feet

Children Starting Over in America

Immigrant children have been streaming here in record numbers. This isn’t the first time minors have made treacherous journeys to the U.S., but history hasn’t treated them all alike. How have we received the youngest of migrants?

Pitch a Show

Last year we received nearly 200 pitches for show topics — some of which made it on the air! Listeners suggested episodes about higher ed and U.S.-Mexico relations, and lots of individual stories also had their origins in your brains. Help us keep up the process!


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Ann Gillespie

Commented on: What Gives

A few years ago I went from donating to various causes to needing help. Right now I'm still in a [...]

Sam Connell

Commented on: What Gives

I'd love to hear how the Salvation Army Santa suits have become so pervasive. Is there a specific philosophy behind [...]