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Rare History Well Done

Meat in America

Eating meat is a time-honored tradition in America. Whether it’s Thanksgiving Day turkey, or a TV dinner of Salisbury steak, meat has been a constant presence on the national platter. So, as millions of grills fire up for Labor Day, the Guys explore Americans’ love affair with meat.

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They Might Be Giants

China and the U.S.

On this episode, Brian, Ed and Peter will be exploring the long, and often turbulent history between the two countries, now the two largest economies in the world. How does our past history with China color our present relationship?

Catholics in America

As Pope Francis embarks on his first visit to the United States this September, the Guys will explore stories of Catholics and their Church throughout American history.


A History of Censorship

For this year’s Banned Books Week, the Guys take a closer look at the history of censorship in America.

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Winter/Spring 2015

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Phil Keys

Commented on: Pitch a show!

There were a couple of points from episodes where it was mentioned how anti-immigrant sentiment helped shaped American institutions. One [...]

Celia Wexler

Commented on: Catholics in America

I am a cradle Catholic and a feminist. I've been very conflicted about the institutional church, and its misogyny. [...]