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The Beasts Within [2016]

Domesticated Animals in America [rebroadcast]

In this episode, the Guys will look at the contributions of pigs to the colonization of America, our complicated feelings about animal performers and explore what pets have meant to us throughout history.

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The G.O.P.

A History of the Republican Party

On this episode of BackStory, we unpack the origins and evolution of the Grand Old Party.

Partisan Robes

Ideology & the Court

In this episode, the Guys will examine why the Supreme Court is regarded as an institution that remains above partisan squabbles.


A History

On this episode of BackStory, the Guys explore the Hamilton phenomenon that has swept the nation. We consider who Alexander Hamilton was, how his legacy was made (and remade) throughout the centuries, and why Hamilton, a white migrant from the British West Indies, appeals to us in 2016.

Politically Incorrect

Speech In American Politics

On this episode of BackStory, we trace what it has meant to be “politically incorrect” throughout American history.

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