The Biafran Airlift

Published: October 4, 2013

A flight schedule from the Biafran airlift – a humanitarian intervention organized by private groups from 1967-1970, bringing food, medicine, and other supplies into Biafra during its bloody separatist conflict with Nigeria. We spoke to a participant in that airlift – David Koren – on a recent show. Take a listen to what he had to say:

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  1. Ellis Vener

    In the early eighties I was a photo assistant working for a photographer who was working on the British Caledonia airline account. I met a lot of senior pilots d founding execs who all flew in the Biafra airlift. Get them going over drinks and dinner and the tales would flow. British Caledonia is sadly no more but it did gets its start after the airlift shutdown and these guys were looking for something to do.

    This was also where I heard the story about the commercial airline pilot needing landing instructions for Hamburg.

    Hamburg Air Control: ” You’ve never flown into Hamburg before?!”
    Pilot: “Now that you mention it, yes, but it was late at night in 1944 and I only hung around for a minute or two.”