The United States as…Pig

Published: January 23, 2014

Does the United States kind of look like a pig? 19th Century sewing-machine mogul William Baker certainly thought so, commissioning this commemorative “Porcineograph” in 1876 to mark the opening of his latest venture: a “sanitary piggery” near Wellesley, Massachusetts (Baker had got on a major health kick and felt hygienic pig-rearing methods were the key to societal well-being…). Quite the “good-cheer souvenir”! 

As the caption tells us:

“THIS PORCINEOGRAPH is copied from the Census Surveys of 1870, adding only 3 feet of territory (?) resting on Cuba, Mexico and Sandwich Islands, and the Hydro-Cephalus from Canada. Congressional Legislation is required to PERFECT this GEHOGRAPHY.”

Take a look at “Geographer-at-Large” blog for more anthropomorphic maps!

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