Do the ends ever justify the means?

Photo: Cartoon of Boss Croker from Puck Magazine, October 1901. Wikimedia Commons.

That’s what we’d like to know. We want to hear your stories. Have you ever exposed corruption in your town or workplace? Did you vote for a candidate you knew wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up because they get the job done?

Leave us a comment here, or drop the Guys a line at with the details. Your story could make it on air in our upcoming corruption show!



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  1. MsCarol420

    Yes I blew rhe whistle on a nursing home I was working at as a nursing supervisor, for admitting patients who needed physical therapy and charging Medicare when we didn’t have a physical therapist. Physical therapy pays the highest rate of reimbusement, and not only was this fraud patients were not receiving a necessary service. I had confronted the administrator about this and was told PT would be here “next week” a rumor I had heard before.

    This incident was the last in a long line of events that created my disillusionment with corporate America and resulted in my decision to retire. The administrator lost her job but was right back to work at other nursing home in town that very week.