Job Opportunities

Associate Producer

BackStory seeks an energetic, thoughtful, and creative Associate Producer to join the show’s production team.

This individual will work with two other Associate Producers and a technical director, under the supervision of the program’s senior producer, also reporting to an executive producer. The new Associate Producer will be responsible for all aspects of show production, including planning, research, scripting, studio and field recording, editing, and distribution of finished episodes. Duties also require extensive outreach to guest scholars, as well as in-depth research of show topics and cultivation of outside contributors for on-air content. Associate Producers are responsible for maintaining BackStory’s online and social media presence, and for creating and disseminating related multimedia content as appropriate.

Competitive candidates will have extensive experience with audio and/or multimedia production software (preferably Pro Tools) and share a passion for making the study of American history accessible and relevant to a broad public audience. Applicants should possess excellent research, writing, conceptual, organizational, and decision-making abilities, have an active interest in current events, and feel comfortable engaging high-level humanities scholars and scholarship. A background or experience in the field of American history and journalism is preferred.

The position is based at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities in Charlottesville, Virginia. Telecommuting is not an option.

For more information and to apply for the position, head to the University of Virginia’s application portal, Jobs@UVA


Throughout the year, BackStory will be accepting applications for two internship positions on the show. Ideal candidates will have an active interest in the field of history and in consuming — if not creating — public radio-style content. These are paid positions, and interns can expect to leave with basic training in public radio and podcast production. Although some remote work is possible, the majority of the four-month internship will take place at BackStory’s Charlottesville, VA offices (located at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities). We intend to be as flexible as possible with scheduling, but interns will be expected to devote 10-20 hours per week to the program. Interns will receive a stipend prorated to the number of hours they work, not to exceed $2,250 in total. We are also willing to work with the host institutions of current students to arrange for school credit for the internship.

We aim to bring on two interns for each internship term: a Digital Intern and a Research Intern.

The Digital Intern will be involved in a wide range of production tasks, with a particular emphasis on maintaining and growing the program’s social media presence. He/she can expect to devote a significant portion of each week to cultivating and participating in the program’s social media presence. Other duties may involve repurposing audio content for the web; helping to distribute and promote finished show episodes; developing and maintaining partnerships with other digital entities; organizing the program’s music library; and general administrative support. Competitive candidates will have a demonstrated strength in writing for a broad public audience, excellent organizational skills, and a thorough familiarity with a range of social media platforms and content management systems.

The Research Intern will also be involved in a wide range of production tasks, but will take a central role in helping to develop episode topics and show segments. Because this person will serve as a key source of background material for the program’s producers and historian-hosts, applicants should be fluent in a broad range of current historical scholarship, and we welcome applications from current or recent graduate students in American history or a related field. Competitive candidates should also be able to demonstrate an ability to write clearly and compellingly for non-specialist readers, and share our commitment to making advanced scholarship relevant and accessible to a broad public audience.

Both interns will have the opportunity to participate in editorial meetings, and assist with all stages of program production. Interns will receive basic training in the use of Pro Tools (the industry standard for digital audio editing), and basic studio engineering practices. Self-starters who display an interest in field reporting may also have the opportunity to report, voice, and produce stand-alone segments for the radio show.

How to Apply

Send us a resume and cover letter explaining why you would like to intern at BackStory and what you hope to gain from the experience. Application materials should be emailed to Producer Andrew Parsons at, with the subject line “Internship Application.” We also ask that you include a 1-2 page document answering the following questions:

  1. Tell us about two of your favorite BackStory segments and why you liked them.
  2. Tell us about one or two segments or shows that you think were less successful. What would you have done to make them stronger?
  3. Tell us about your “media diet.” (favorite magazines, TV shows, news sources, etc.) If you have any favorite radio shows or podcasts, we’d especially like to hear about them and why you enjoy them.
Application Deadlines

Fall/Winter Internship
Application Deadline: July 15
Notification: Aug. 1
Start Date: mid-Sept.

Winter/Spring Internship
Application Deadline: Nov. 15
Notification: Dec. 1
Start Date: mid-Jan.

Summer Internship
Application Deadline: March 15
Notification: Apr. 1
Start Date: early-mid June