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BackStory is a program of Virginia Humanities. The mission of Virginia Humanities is to connect people and ideas, to explore the human experience and to inspire cultural engagement. Virginia Humanities reaches an estimated annual audience of 23 million through community programs, digital initiatives, grants and fellowships, radio programs, and the Virginia Center for the Book.

The humanities provide us with tools to explore the social and civic challenges we face today, and help us, as individuals, to focus on a larger collective purpose. Programs such as BackStory investigate our contemporary moment through the lens of the past. Without an understanding of our shared history, we blindly move forward into the future unable to transcend the past. The humanities awaken us so that together we can build a better tomorrow.

— Matthew Gibson, Executive Director

Since its founding in 1974, Virginia Humanities has grown to become the largest and most diversely funded state humanities council in the country, producing more than 40,000 humanities programs in Virginia and beyond. Virginia Humanities promotes lifelong learning, public dialog, and community engagement through festivals, public radio programs, and digital resources, contributing to more than 3,500 grant projects and 350 individual and collaborative fellowships.

Virginia Humanities is able to do this work thanks in part to a unique partnership with the University of Virginia. To learn more, visit


BackStory gratefully acknowledges and thanks its generous supporters. Major support for BackStory is provided by an Anonymous Donor, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation and the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at the University of Virginia.

BackStory receives additional support from History Channel and The Tomato Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia.

Supporters contributing $1,000 or more include:

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Edward L. Ayers
  • Laura H. Boland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Church, Jr.
  • Trish and David Crowe
  • Renee and John Grisham
  • Sally and Steve Herman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hofheimer
  • B. Thomas Mansbach

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